Another Big Win for Hudson


I'm very happy to announce that Scott Kent has agreed to accept the position of Worship Leader for our Hudson campus. Scott has led there the past two weeks and many of you in Woodbury may recognize him from his playing electric guitar (quite well, I might add) most weeks at the Woodbury campus the last couple of months.

Scott is working on a degree is guitar performance at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. He and his wife Kerri come from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has a passion for leading worship and would love to be in full-time vocational ministry some day. We're hoping he sticks around with us for a long time, but we're committed to helping him develop his passion for as long as we have him.

Scott and Kerri are involved in a small group at Five Oaks, the one that lays claim to the title "The Best Small Group Ever."

Check out his blog here.