Let There Be Lights

Thanks to Chris Evans, Jonathan Haage and the most gracious Hudson 12 Theatre, we have permanent lights up in the theater. No more lugging those heavy lights for the logistics team. No more broken bulbs. No more insufficient light.

Hudson 12 has been incredible. We're using their sound system and they let us keep our projector in the projector booth! Most of our stuff is stored there so that we don't have to lug everything in and out of a trailer. I've never heard of anything like this kind of relationship for a church and theater management. We are blessed.

Multi-site Churches

Tony Morgan provides a summary of the findings of a new survey on multi-site churches.

  • The number of multi-site churches now outnumber the megachurches. That, of course, means smaller churches are beginning to use the multi-site strategy. (By the way, the number of megachurches continues to grow as well.)
  • Multi-sites have a 90% success rate.
  • Most multi-site churches launch an on-campus venue first before starting at a new location.
  • The new satellite campuses tend to show faster growth than the original campus. In fact, 2 out of 5 surveyed churches have experienced growth of 50% or more the first year of their new campus.
  • One-third of new campuses happen as the result of a merger.
  • The median size of a multi-site church is 1,300 people including the attendance of all campuses.
  • 4 out of 5 churches said multi-site has increased leadership development and volunteer mobilization.
  • In-person teaching is more widespread than using video teaching except in large churches. Among churches that use video, it’s usually delivered by DVD.
  • Churches who use a multi-site strategy are actually more likely to plant churches as well.
  • For the 10% of multi-sites that didn’t work, poor location or weak campus pastor were the two most cited reasons for closing the campus.