Christmas Eve at Five Oaks

We finalized our plans for the Christmas Eve services for Woodbury and Hudson this morning. I'm very excited about the outcome. We're building the whole service around three purposes of Christmas. There's great flow to the service with some rousing moments, some tradition and lots of room for reflection. The message will drive home the message of the gospel and give an opportunity for people to receive Christ. There's music, a dramatic reading and lots of other elements that will leave everyone not only experiencing the feelings of Christmas, but also walk away with a clear sense of it's purposes. Invite your friends to one of the five services at Woodbury or the service at Hudson.

By the way, Keith tells me that when it was announced that Hudson would have it's own Christmas Eve services (thanks in part to Keith and in part to the fact that the theater isn't open in the evening), people applauded. Now we just need to make sure there's enough room for all who come.