You were Made for Experiencing Joy and Satisfaction

Every once in a while a magazine will feature a cover picture of a celebrity without make-up or without having photoshopped their picture. Sometimes a celebrity will do this on their own Instagram page.

I think most of would say George Clooney is a handsome man. But what does he look like without makeup or photoshopping? Say, a picture taken when he’s on vacation and simply enjoying a cigar.


No, that’s not Clooney. I have no idea what he’d look like under those circumstances. Did I have you for even a moment, though?

Mike Cosper wrote an article a few years ago he titled, “The Satanic Ideology of Photoshop.” Over the top? Not really.

His point is that Satan’s strategy in the Garden was to assault Adam and Eve’s contentment. The results were disastrous.

No one wants to live life unsatisfied, constantly discovering that the next thing we thought would fill the void of satisfaction turns out not to work.

We continue in our second week on learning contentment this weekend as we ask again why contentment is so important for our lives.

I hope to see you. Bring a friend.

Photo by Ellen Carlson Hanse on Unsplash

This is Us (30th Anniversary Edition)

We’re celebrating our church’s 30th throughout the month of November, so we’re focusing the “This is Us” posts on folks that have been around a good part of that time.


This is from Hector Dalton: “Our family has attended Five Oaks Church since 1989. Boy, does time fly! I have always felt blessed by the strong missions and outreach focus. Over many years I have seen the impact of short-term mission trips on our children, my wife Beth, and many friends. I did not have a chance to do this until three years ago. For the past three years Beth and I have been able to use our passion for leadership to join a group that goes to universities in areas around the world that are not fully open to His Word. We not only share in the classroom about leadership, but also share about our faith stories in coffee shop settings. This experience has built my faith, as well as given me the tools, boldness and urgency in sharing my faith here in Minnesota in my everyday life.”