New Five Oaks Web Site Coming

We're working on a new website through a new service for churches that offers exceptional templates that are so easy to use, my 80-year-old mom could build a beautiful site. (By the way, she gets around pretty well on the web, so that may not be saying as much as it seems.) It also offers great savings. No, huge savings!

The down side is it's not the most flexible site in the world. Super easy to enter information, easy to change the look and photos and colors, but not flexible. They're adding new features all the time, though. That should help.

Our new site will be very much focused on the person checking us out and the newcomer to the church. Over time, and with more features offered by Clover, we should be able to make it more interactive and useful to our members.

I think you will be impressed and like it  a lot. It will be a great site to send your friends to for them to check us out. You can check out the company for yourself, check the price and see what we'll be able to do at Clover. You can even try your hand at editing a sample site.