Weekend Football Update

All my favorite NFL teams lost! Not a good NFL weekend.

My fantasy team won with the highest point total for the day and the highest I've ever gotten: 137. That made up for the other losses. Everybody but my kicker was in double digits. Played Grossman (QB), Gore (RB), T. Barber (RB), Driver (WR), Gonzalez (TE), Winslow (TE), Kasay (K), Bears (D). Tied for second in my division (6-4), but second highest total points for the season in our twelve team league. Amazing, since I don't have any super high-point guys and I was dumb enough to trade T.O. away. Or was I? I guess time will tell. Top two in each division get into the playoffs, so I'm still hoping.

I'm not a big college football fan, but Henry Michael loves K-State. I think that win over Texas made his weekend.