The OT

"Old Testament Rewind," our next message series, starts on December 9-10. It's a three week overview of the Old Testament (excludes Christmas weekend). We're redoing OT Rewind, the sketch we've done before from Willow. It's a 25 minutes humorous but informative sketch that takes you on a whirlwind tour of the OT. We'll do it in three parts and the message each week will highlight a key passage from the OT.

You won't want your kids to miss the first week where I'll be redoing a message that uses scenes from the movie The Prince of Egypt. It's heavy, so it won't be suitable for young children (we're focusing on the first Passover, including the death of the Egyptian firstborn, and communion).

This is a lot like that TV program The OC. You see, the Old Testament means the same thing as the Old Covenant. I've never seen The OC, but I've always been amazed that a program on The Old Covenant could become so popular on TV. :)