Turkey Bowl 2007

Tb1 Tb2 Tb3 Tb4 Tb5 Tb6Tb8 Great day for the Turkey Bowl!  Look at those flakes of snow falling the whole game. One of Henry Michael's roommates took pictures of our game. It was one of my favorites because I got to quarterback a bit, I was on the same team with Henry Michael and my team was loaded with great players. It's ridiculous how some of these guys run, cut, catch and throw.  Only thing missing was my cousin Henry and his son Henry to make the day complete. Tb7_3 Tb9  


How about Adrian Peterson? Unbelievable! Unfortunately, we had to listen to the whole game because we were on the road coming back from S. Dakota. But at least we could hear it the whole way.

I don't know if the TV announcers made a bigger deal about the all-time single game rushing record, but the radio guys were so understated they sounded drugged. Very weird. He just rushed for more yards in one game than Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, L.T., O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, or anyone else ever. Amazing.

As for fantasy, I was really going downhill after my last trade thanks to the Ronnie Brown injury and the lack of productivity all of sudden from Burris, Portis and Roy Williams. But this week Portis exploded, Kitna did great and Winslow got me 23 points. Love that TE. I lead my division again!

My Redskins won in OT after their massacre last week to the Patriots and my Chiefs lost to the great Favre. I had my mom tape the Patriots/Colts game for me and Lois and I laid around and watched it without knowing the outcome after small group. Great game, sad ending.