Weekend Reflections

Did I tell you that I slept in on Sunday? Only if you read these posts in chronological order, I guess.

Loved the service this weekend. Tim did an excellent job teaching. Loved his stories. His main idea stuck with me and I was doing some extra reflecting on it still yesterday. Practical take-aways. One of my highlights: "Jesus must have been a fun guy because he gave people nicknames. I like people who give other people nicknames."

The electric guitars rocked! Wow! Loved the energy of the worship. It was a celebration.

The Perry's story was outstanding. They communicated in such a real and vulnerable way. John did a great job interviewing them. We have so many stories like theirs (of people coming to know Christ here), but we're not always good at getting them out.

Ate a great supper here after the service. Our Saturday night food crews are so service oriented and joyful that it's contagious.

I disturbed a couple of children's classes during the 4:30 service. More on that in our service in three weeks.

By the time I left, the Commons was filled with students who had come for the bonfire. Love seeing all those students filling up the Commons area.

I slept in on Sunday. Oh, I think I mentioned that already.