In a Wilderness? Why is it so hard to have hope?

It happened again just this week. Someone who had gone through a dark and difficult wilderness experience told me they wouldn’t change a thing. There are things they learned in the darkness that they would have missed in the light. 

Yeah, I’ve heard it often. And I’ve lived it. I’ve feel the same way about my wilderness experiences.

So why is it so hard to have this attitude when I'm in a wilderness experience? Why do I so often yearn for escape more than learn and grow? 

In Exodus 17, we pick up the story with Israel’s wilderness experience after having been rescued from slavery in Egypt. But a certain pattern quickly develops. Every time Israel gets hungry and thirsty, they complain. And their complaining, especially their attitude toward God and the way they complain, is a problem.

Jesus and the rest of the Bible tell us that, like Israel, we too are sojourners who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, who have crossed over to the other side by grace, and who are now on the way to the promised land. In this faith journey, in our wilderness, God is transforming us and teaching us to trust Him, love Him, and follow Him. No matter what.

Invite someone this weekend. Especially someone who needs a ray of hope.