You Want a High Maintenance God. You Really Do.

I wonder if many adults have an imaginary friend. Would they ever admit it if they did? 

I suppose an imaginary friend could help comfort you, encourage you, and keep you company. An imaginary friend, with the right imagining, could be the most low maintenance companion you ever had--there when you need them and won't care when you ignore them. 

Your imaginary friend could tell you how good you are, agree with your ideas when no one else will, and fawn over you like you were a famous celebrity.

It gets even better, though. Don't you hate to be criticized? You imaginary friend could tell you all those critiques are lies. Don't you hate the idea of bad news from a doctor? Your friend can talk you out of even going to one. And don't you hate being wrong in an argument with your spouse or with a real friend? Your imaginary friend can assure you that your are right, always

A real friend is almost the complete opposite of this low maintenance imaginary friend. A real friend will care about you enough to tell you your idea will bankrupt you, that the spot on your face looks cancerous, and that you need to say you're sorry.

In other words, real friends will judge you, try to help you do what's right, and seek what's best for you, even if it means having to turn away from you until you come to your senses. 

Okay, maybe an imaginary friend isn't such a good idea.

I wonder if many adults have an imaginary God. Would they ever admit it if they did?

I suppose an imaginary God...