Feeling compromised? Learn to live your convictions.

I'm a great believer in compromise...in marriage, in politics, in negotiations of all kinds. 

Living compromised is another animal. Living compromised means violating our core convictions. Living compromised leaves us with deep regrets and shame. 

There is often a fine line between the two. Working and neighboring with people who don't share many of our core convictions as Christians requires much grace and discernment. It requires compromise. But this fine line is not what I'm talking about here.

I'm talking about wanting to be a great mom or dad (conviction), but consistently blowing the family off for work (compromised). 

I'm talking about wanting a pure mind (conviction), but consistently filling it impure content (compromised). 

Wanting to serve others (conviction), but consistently only making time for ourselves (compromised). 

A compromised life ends in deep regret when the kids grow, the fantasies drain joy out of our reality, and there is only a trail of self-serving action to show for your lives.

But living by your convictions, consistently, is hard. We need a band of brothers and sisters. We need our small group of believers, a small group where the participants are open and honest about their struggles and are willing to come alongside each other with encouragement and support.

Our men's ministry (Journeymen) is tackling this on two fronts right now. They have launched the Conquer Series. It's a cinematic teaching series on sexual purity that is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation. 

They will also hold a Men's Summit January 27-29 to connect with other men, grow deeper in faith, and have a great time together in a beautiful location. Vince Miller (founder of Resolute) is the speaker. He will be unpacking four factors that will launch your life into Christ-centered conviction. 

Guys, you can register here for the Men's Summit, "Becoming the Man God has Called You to Be." 

I hope to see you at the Summit.