10 Tweets on “The Time Factor” (Luke 10:38-42)

Here's last weekend’s sermon in 10 Tweets in our “The Art of Neighboring" series.

1/ If you’re too busy to love your literal neighbor, your problem is not that you’re too busy.

2/ It’s easy to pick on Martha, but there’s a lot she got right. One was hospitality.

3/ We’re called to steward our homes, not just our time and money.

4/ Caesar Kalinowski: “Jesus ate with others — a lot! So should we.” 

5/ Where does Martha go wrong? Luke explains that it’s not what she was doing but how she was doing it (v40)

6/ This story is an illustration of Jesus’ teaching on worry/anxiety over necessities of life & making his kingdom our #1 priority

7/ Martha ought to have been occupied with the one thing (God’s kingdom) while serving. 

8/ Offer your neighborhood, your home, and your table to God for his mission. Model for your kids. Do mission together. 

9/ Don’t fuss over the details. Embrace authenticity in hospitality. Consider the virtue of scruffy hospitality.

10/  Loving your neighbor is not a call to add mission to your life; it’s a call to living your life on mission.