10 Tweets on “The Call” (Matthew 22:34-40)

Here's last weekend’s sermon in 10 Tweets in our “The Art of Neighboring" series.

1/ Neighbor = people like you or unlike you, your friends and your enemies, people near you and people far from you… everyone is your neighbor

2/ This series is a call to love our literal neighbors and how to do it

3/ If I never love my literal neighbor I’m in danger of never literally loving my neighbor

4/ Not possible in modern world with garages/suburbs/winters? Actually, it is harder but not impossible.

5/ Some of your neighbors don’t want to connect, but most of your neighbors do

6/ Don’t simply set out to be a more loving neighbor; set out to create a more loving neighborhood

7/ If you’re not a party person or planner, ask a neighbor to help you plan it

8/ Do your part by joining what is already happening

9/ Stranger to Acquaintance to Relationship - Directory to Party/Project to "What's next, Lord?"

10/ You have been placed where you live for a specific purpose—so that when people reach out to G, you can help - Acts 17:26-27