Ten Tweets on “Signs of Maturing Faith” (1 Corinthians 3:1-23)

Here's the weekend sermon in 10 tweets (Letter to the Corinthians series):

1/ 7 signs of maturing faith: first, You have a biblical definition of spirituality. It’s a person. Having the Spirit.

2/ 2nd sign: You have a growing recognition that “It’s not about me.” Life is about God’s priorities—in line with the Spirit.

3/ Spiritual maturity is a journey. We stray from the path but no one is a Christian who is never on the path. 

4/ 3rd sign: You see ministry and leadership as serving and contributing. 

5/ Leaders are servants, not celebrities.

6/ 4th: You experience the rhythms of work and rest. Ministry is hard (like farming) but it’s not all on you. God causes the growth.

7/ 5th: You apply Scripture not only to yourself but to the “you alls.” You all are a field…building…temple

8/ 6th: You increasingly think and act in terms of eternal implications.

9/ 7th: You’re learning to live in the tensions. Leader/servant; I am temple/we are temple; Accountability/Assurance; Humble/Confident…

10/ The cross in right in the middle of the tensions. We are saints that still sin. Forgiven but we will be judged with no condemnation.

You can watch the sermon here or below.