Ten Tweets on "Why the Empty Tomb?" (Luke 24:1-12)

Here's the Easter message in 10 tweets.

The traditional location of the empty tomb.

The traditional location of the empty tomb.

1/ Luke’s gospel uniquely explores why the tomb is empty. 

2/ Why is the tomb empty? Why didn’t Jesus meet them there? The angels tell us. It’s the place for the dead, not the living.

3/ Why are the women (his most devoted and courageous disciples) at the tomb? Because they didn’t believe Jesus.

4/ The Easter story begins at an empty tomb because his most loyal followers failed to believe Jesus. 

5/ At the core of sin is the failure to believe God. 

6/ Adam & Eve would never have eaten the fruit if they believed God when he told them it would kill them.

7/ Saving faith is not only believing in God; saving faith is believing God. 

8/ The angels are in the wrong place because God pursues us into all the wrong places we go to find life.

9/ The women abandon the tomb because that’s what you do with such incredibly good news!

10/ Peter doesn’t believe the women but he runs to the tomb. He's the patron saint of skeptics.