Winning a Wrestling Match with God (The Weekend)

Ever wish you had a different name? Or what if you could determine your own nickname? 

When our youngest son, Aaron, was a little kid, he told me what he wanted for a nickname. He said, "I want my nickname to be Scamper." 

To this day, if I want to embarrass him, I remind him about his request. 

I never told him what I wanted to be called when I was a little kid. It would give him too much ammunition. I might tell you this weekend. I might also tell you what I would pick if I I could change my name now. 

This weekend we're looking at a story from Jacob's life found in Genesis 32. Jacob gets a new name, which is a really good thing since one of the meanings of his old name was deceiver. 

His new name is central in the story of God. 

But what's really interesting about this passage is how he gets it. He wrestles God for it on the night before he faces his greatest enemy and everything is in peril--his wealth, his life, and his family. Yes, he wrestles God for it.

If you ever find yourself wrestling with God about the future, a challenge you're facing, eminent danger of failure or even death, there will be some incredible take-aways from this week's sermon. 

Come and bring a friend.