Overheard at Five Oaks - November 22

Things overheard at The Weekly (our weekly all staff meeting), by lurking around corners and hiding in cleaning closets, and with some help from WikiLeaks and the Russians. 

Love seeing families serving together!

Love seeing families serving together!

"My son just called me from the toilet in the Commons bathroom. The lights went out and he's scared." Said by one of our staff members just a few moments ago. Yes, take too long and the motion sensor lights go out. 

“We had 34 new members introduced at the congregational meeting last weekend compared to 13 last year.” Our new process is working. So thankful for the Elders who lead our membership orientation. 

“There were more people at the dinner after the congregational meeting than at the meeting itself!” Yeah, the kids joined us. And thank you to Joe and Carole Lehn and their small group (Johnson/Hooker group) for cooking, serving, setting up!

“My teen and preteen kids asked if we could go back and read The Jesus Storybook Bible.”

“Seven families dedicated children last weekend. One kid didn’t want to leave the stage.” There’s a future pastor.

“Lots of folks will be late for 9:15am service on January 1.” No, not because they’ll be up late. Because it will start at 9am. 

“We need to tell new folks that we only have two services—11am and Saturday.” To help with overcrowding at the 9:15am.

“We’ll be watching the kids ministry Gospel Project video as part of the sermon since it’s a Family Worship weekend.” 

“Legend and who?” The answer is Justin Talk. Legend and Justin are doing music for Coffee House Jr. An event for kids, but their teachers can come and hang out, too.

“Aaron and I got pied last Wednesday. It was miserable. Now it’s Henry’s turn.” I agreed to this, apparently, if the youth brought in 75 Thanksgiving bags. They brought in 108! My turn to be miserable.

“We want to do Volunteer Central for the Christmas services again. Who owns that?” Crickets.

“Christmas invite cards will be available in two weekends.” So helpful for inviting!