Overheard at Five Oaks - November 15

Things overheard at The Weekly (our weekly all staff meeting), by lurking around corners and hiding in cleaning closets, and with some help from WikiLeaks. 

"The end is coming." Dave Casmer, our Business Administrator, at a meeting.

"The end of the fiscal year, I mean." Thanks for clarifying, Dave.

"If you do a Worship Night bi-monthly, I'll be at every one." Yes, it was that good!

“One mom and her kids came to Fun Fest because she was invited by a new friend she met on Facebook.” Okay, I hate Facebook a little less after that one.

“I’ve been looping through the new worship CD over and over. Love it.” Me too!

“If anyone new to Five Oaks showed up just a little late to the 9:15 service, they had to sit in the overflow.” Yep, not good. But thank to all who have switched Saturday or the 11.

“This feels good in here with the ropes. It’s incredible. I could come back to a service like this.” That was the lady sitting next to me Saturday night in the service, commenting on not being spread out all over the worship center because of the ropes. (The lady was Lois.)

“We came [to the Fun Fest] because we read about it on the sign out front.” 

“Twenty volunteers spent 3 hours Sunday afternoon setting up the Christmas decorations.” During the game? Oh yeah, not a bad idea for Viking or Packer fans.

“Are you kidding me?” Not sure if it was said in joy or fear, but that was Jennifer’s response when handed the pile of serve cards turned in over the weekend. 

“Henry, can you help me make all these calls?” Sorry, what? Gotta run. 

“I go to Kowalski’s, put up a sign for free tutoring, and I help kids with their homework. ” Sorry, not a neighborhood initiative. Doesn’t count.

“One of the families is Muslim.” Still doesn’t count.

“I’m also a part of a neighborhood book club. All kinds of spiritual conversations are happening.” Well, there you go. You buried your lead.

“Some of our members could also use the review of the story so far.” Okay. Go here.