The Weekend - Do You Know How to Speak a Blessing into Someone's Life?

Do you know how to bless your kids, or anyone else for that matter?

I'm not talking about how to be a blessing. I'm talking about speaking a blessing that shapes the trajectory of another person's life.

If you are a blessing in someone's life, you can speak a blessing into their life.  

It doesn't require great verbal ability or imagination, but it does require thought, reflection, and intentionality. 

I have to admit, I've missed countless opportunities to bless my kids, the kids I've mentored through Kids Hope, friends, and others because I didn't understand how it works. 

But right in the middle of my sermon preparation it hit me. I realized what I've been missing all along. Thankfully it's never too late to start. 

Join us this weekend as we look at Genesis 27 and the account of Isaac blessing Jacob. The passage will be full of surprises, even for those who've read it a thousand times. 

Is there someone you can invite? Someone who would find value in learning how to speak a blessing into the lives of those they love?