From Overwhelmed to Understanding

Here are comments made by some of the participants in the most recent Story of God group. New session starts January 27. Register here. // This study was a great overview of the Bible. Even as a person who ‘grew up’ in church, I was reminded of how God’s story is woven throughout the OT & NT.

// I came out of this class with a deeper understanding of the character of God. It also took me from being overwhelmed by the content of the Bible to understanding the framework and story and how it all connects. It made more sense.

// I got excited about the stories in the bible, especially after understanding the bigger and broader context. It also was a wonderful time of devotion with my husband and learning from each other.

// I learned that you just can’t be a good person. It’s not about gaining favor.

// I just couldn’t help but think of others I want to encourage to take this class.

// It gives me a better understanding of what my purpose here on earth is. It also makes me realize how much God loves me and all of us. It makes the hardships on this earth seem smaller, because our God is so big.

// The theme of relationship being much more prevalent than I thought – from the very beginning to the end. This class has given me motivation to go back and read the entire Bible.