10 Tweets

Here isTim's weekend sermon in 10 Tweets, Marvels & Wonders: The Miracles of Jesus (John 2:1-12):


1/ A road sign can't prove that the Shrine of Guadalupe is there, or that this is really the way to get there. You have to actually follow the sign.

2/ Jesus's miraculous signs show us who to follow, and where he's taking us.  They show us who he is, and give us a glimpse of his kingdom.

3/ Tim Keller says this miracle is so weird it has to be true.  You'd never make up a story about fixing a catering disaster as his first miracle.

4/ Where Jesus reigns there is Joy and Celebration - this wedding is a glimpse of what his kingdom is like.

5/ This was a huge wedding celebration...bigger than prom!

6/ Jesus is compassionate. He cared about their screw-up. He cares about the details of life.

7/ Jesus brings celebration in place of self-purification.

8/ The groom gets it all wrong. He doesn't have his act together; he doesn't prepare well. But because of Jesus he gets credit for being perfect.

9/ Our reality is transformed when Jesus is present and we do whatever he tells us.

10/ Don't settle for joylessness!