Behind the Scenes

Here are some of the things going on behind the scenes at Five Oaks: Hot Chocolate

// We finished the year very strongly financially, coming in close to $10K over budget and spending about $10k under budget. Thank you for your generosity, Five Oakers. It makes a kingdom difference.

// At our staff lunch today, someone reminded us that Dan said the Christmas Eve services would be like a cup of really good hot chocolate and we all agreed that it was that indeed. Great ministry was done over those days!

// The Feed My Starving Children offering was strong as well: $14K!

// The Invite teams are busy making plans and it will be exciting as some of the ideas their working on roll out.

// Speaking of invites, I'm on the 25 Invites with Pastor Henry team (duh!), and I'm at 8. It's really hard for me. I'm hoping to make a bunch more for the next Story of God session.