Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers: Here are most of the questions and comments from the weekend Communication Cards:

Inside the Atlantic ocean

// Wow! Thank you for such a meaningful and encouraging time of worship. Loved the worship time today! Tim, thank you for your message of Christ’s joy. Challenging and uplifting!

// Ah-mazing music! [Most of the team members were in youth group together not that long ago and one still is.]

// Wonderful spirit-lead worship. Message - equally inspiring Tim. Lovely Alex, Ashley, Legend, Nathan, Erik, Ian.

// You gave me the courage to make some phone calls that could be either very encouraging or rejection. And I know the outcome is in God’s hands, not mine. Thanks for a gentle push. Joy, joy.

// You know I love our worship team, but solo of Ocean’s was beautiful. Solo singer is blessed with amazing talent - I love to worship with her. Hope she can join the team more. [That's Ashley Hill and she lives in Australia these days, but we try to have her on whenever she comes home.]

// Awesome rendition Alex – another home grown young leader! Loved the voices of the young women in worship. Thanks for giving God your heart and talent. This church follows Christ in preparing tremendous young leaders. Tim, thanks for a very deep, heartfelt message. You have grown so much as a man, husband, father and pastor. Praise God. [Loved having Alex lead that song! And it was a great kickoff message for our new series.]

// Great message Tim! Thanks for sharing your personal story. Good reminder that our “plan” in these times needs simply to be “Listen to God”.

// Thank you for the very thoughtfully prepared and God inspired message. You gave many new insights and inspirations for my consideration and adoption. Thank you.

// Thank you Tim for sharing so honestly about how you’re trying to discern God’s next steps for your family. I assume, as do others that church staff have it all figured out all the time.

// While ushering, several people commented on what a “good problem” it was that they had to sit way down in front or that I had to find them a seat!