10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets, "The Magi" in The Most Scandalous, Mysterious, Barbaric, Controversial Christmas Series Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia: Nativity Façade: The Magi

1/ Magi: They weren't kings, we don't know how many and they didn't arrive on the night of Jesus' birth.

2/ Whatever the star was (supernatural, natural & subtle, or an angel), God was leading these pagan Magi to himself.

3/ We look for signs from God, but even signs will take us only so far.

4/ We might sense God’s leadings, nudgings and whispers, but we need to bring all that to God’s Word.

5/ The Bible speaks so specifically to our entire lives that it helps us bring our entire lives into our tough decision.

6/ The religious leaders know their Bibles, but what’s astounding is that they don’t join the Magi in their quest.

7/ The religious leaders aren't out to kill the Messiah, but their children actually do.

8/ Spiritual indifference in one generation is the breeding ground for hostility in the next.

9/ There’s nothing more generationally contagious than the spiritual vitality of parents.

10/ Genuine worship requires inconvenience & effort, relinquishment & surrender, joy & rejoicing, giving & sacrifice.