One More Thing

Hi Five Oakers, The Christmas Eve services begin tomorrow, and there are a few things I want to share with you:


Christmas Eve Services

We're back to the Magi for our Christmas Eve services. The Magi were on a quest to honor the newborn king of the Jews. They likely traveled 800 or more miles to find the baby. But their presence in Bethlehem tells us more about God's quest than theirs. God was on a quest. He's still on that quest. And no one, absolutely no one, outquests God.

Is there someone you know who needs to know the God whose quest brought him to earth, to become a man?


Perry Noble on "Once Upon a Time a Person was Drowning"

Once upon a time a man was drowning and was completely unable to save himself… A boat came along filled with people who were passionate about debating whether or not drowning people were predestined to drown, or whether or not they were drowning because of their choices. Another boat came along filled with people who were doing an in depth study on how to help drowning people.

Timothy George on "Bonhoeffer in Advent"

There was a tender side to Bonhoeffer, but he was no sentimentalist, and he did not romanticize life inside prison. In letters to his family, he put up a brave front so as not to increase their worries about him. But he confided to his close friend Eberhard Bethge, “Despite everything I have written, it is horrible here.

One More Thing

Have you thought of someone to invite to Christmas Eve yet? Think beyond the usual suspects, because God did. God led the Magi to Jesus and they, more than any others in the Christmas story, did not belong there. Yes, even more than shepherds. They were dedicated to things God hates. Yet God used those very things to lead them to Jesus. So, maybe you can think again. Who needs to know this God who calls us by his grace, even when we love what he hates?