Behind the Scenes

Here are some of the things going on behind the scenes at Five Oaks: Bonfires in the dark

// Last Advent: If you haven't been to one of the Advent services yet, this Thursday is the last one (6:30-7:10am). I've loved them. It has added a entire and deepening layer to Christmas this year for me.

// Fire Pits: A new feature this year for our Christmas Eve services on the way into the building. Expect treats, too.

// E-Vites: Do you know about email e-vites to Five Oaks Christmas services. Check it out here.

// Youth Specialities (continued): The rep from the youth pastor search firm is here last night and today. After talking to him for a while, going with Youth Specialities is one of the smartest decisions we could have made in this search.

// Christmas Extravaganza: The first ever combined middle school and high school this Wednesday evening.

// The OT: Our next series is on the miracles of Jesus, and I want to cover an Old Testament book after that. The problem is there are so many I want to cover I don't know how to narrow it down. Nice problem to have.