10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets, The Most Scandalous, Mysterious, Barbaric, Controversial Christmas Series, "Mary and Joseph" belief.blog.camel.falls.into.crowd.cnn.640x360

1/ Carl Laferton: "A nativity play begins with smiles and carols. The real Christmas began with scandal, shame and shock."

2/ Mary's facing possible execution and certain exclusion for the rest of her life.

3/ This is not an episode of “Touched by an Angel.” This is more like “Troubled by an Angel.”

4/ Most of us think that being favored by God means smooth sailing and good fortune. It’s not what it meant for Mary.

5/ To be favored meant she was privileged to play a role in the unfolding story of God.

6/ You have been invited into & entered God’s story. Don’t miss the joy and adventure and privilege just because it has been difficult.

7/ It may be difficult now, but don’t lose sight of God’s bigger story that extends into eternity.

8/ The truly shocking part is that this is how God decides to save his people from their sins.

9/ TimK: If God is unipersonal, then until God created other beings there was no love, since love is something that one person has for another

10/ It is the shocking story of God becoming a baby who cried & spat up & needed to have his diaper changed because he loves us…