Monday Memo

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards: Polish Christmas pageant, 1930

// I’m really enjoying this church.

// Wow! Thank you for the truth. About Jesus as a baby spatting up and diapers. It really puts things perspective. Shows how human He really was/is.

// Terrific worship set. Loved when we sang softly and could hear everyone sing. Loved message and final song!

// Great to have Steve Marien back on team!

// The Christmas decorations look great!

// Will drama ever come back?? So many miss it. [You never know but quality dramas require a strong drama team. A strong drama team requires frequency. We don’t have plans to use drama for now, but trends change and a day may come when we do again.]

// The lighting/alter decorations are beautiful. Very nice. Good job!