10 Tweets & a Quote

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 tweets. The Gospel According to Joseph, “In Affliction and Affluence," Genesis 41 Earth Scar

1// Some who follow God in their afflictions forget God in their affluence.

2// It's tempting to keep God out of the equation when being praised. Joseph goes out of his way to give God the glory.

3// God is the hero of his story. When God is the hero of my story, I'll find a way to give him the glory.

4// As part of your daily QT, bring your schedule to God in prayer.

5// God IS the hero of your story if you belong to him.

6// No glory, no guts. When God is the hero of my story, I have nothing to fear.

7// God has a plan and God is at work, so Joseph plans and Joseph works.

8// Joseph forgets his painful experiences = he will not be defined by his painful past.

9// Make your affluence about God's bigger purpose.

10// In naming Ephraim, Joseph thanks God for making him fruitful in the land of his affliction. You and I are the fruit of Christ's affliction.

Iain Duguid:

“What Joseph did by naming his son Manasseh was to reshape the significance of the past by putting it into the context of what God was doing in his life. His son became a permanent testimony to God’s power to redeem the past.... Those scars will mark you for the rest of your life. Yet what God does by his grace is to take those ugly wounds and reshape them into a beautiful part of the tapestry of purpose and blessing he is weaving into your life.”