Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here is a comment the cards we send to first-time guests:

126 of 365 My Bible 8/10 - We loved that the verses weren’t on the screen so we had to physically look up verses in our Bible.  How refreshing!  Also, I thought there were one too many songs during the response time.  It got a bit long.  Thank you and God bless!

And here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

// Thanks for the worship set. You folks really use your hearts and voices for our Lord and Savior and usher us into the presence of God. You can really feel Him as an audience of ONE, but a celebration of many, in fellowship. I love worshipping with you guys! Loved the continuing story of Joseph. Great to be reminded to not be people who follow God in their affliction, but forget him in their affluence.

// We seem to get accustomed to such great quality, meaningful, challenging, and relevant worship and teaching. Thank you for working so hard for us! I love this church! Jeremy rocked it this week!

// Thanks for a great message and great worship!