Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments from the weekend Communication Cards:

// Three piece worship band! Awesome! Great job.  [I know. You would have thought they had a whole band. There's so much I love about how they led us. And the benediction with the kids was really cool.]

// Wow! What a message.  [I agree. Way to go, Tim.]

// Beautiful worship!

// Thank you for a wonderful message, Tim.

// Great outstanding message Tim. Thank you also for the beautiful music; it was wonderful. Loved the closing set.

// No apology needed for acoustical set! How beautiful! How heart wrenching and spirit filled!

// Thank you Tim! You delivered God’s message today with so much passion, truth and sincerity!

// Loved the vocal harmonies – very “swell season”.

// Loved the acoustic, small band music – song selection perfect!

// Any thoughts on VBS music during family worship? One maybe? [Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely consider it.]