10 Tweets

choices Here's my sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: “The Choice” (Joshua 24:15; Genesis 1-3)

1// Worship has to do with what you value most, how you think about life itself & how you perceive who you are

2// Choosing whom or what you will worship is your most important choice. It shapes all other small & big choices.

3// There is no none of the above option. You can’t not worship.

4// “You weren’t created to worship. You weren’t created for worship. You were created worshiping.

5// Cosper: ...when he made Adam and Eve, he made them creatures whose lives…exalted God—they…worshiped him—with every moment of their lives.

6// There is no all of the above options. Be glad.

7// If any way is good as long as sincere, you’ve made it about performance. Grace is eliminated. Gone from done to do.

8// There is only one good choice. All other gods (your idols) will "eat you alive." (David Foster Wallace)

9// Most people live by default on the choice & default flows away from a personal God who loves you & went to the cross for you.

10// Choose today. Choose now. As for me and my house, I will serve/worship the Lord.