Lightning Round

Easter Island Tuesday is the all-staff lunch day and we do a lightning round on what’s happening in different ministries. Here are some highlights:

  • We’ve narrowed down the options to two for the global Summit we will help sponsor. I’ll I’m saying right now is that it will be held on one of two islands. Should know soon where we will be in October.
  • Mini-Volunteer Ministry Fair this weekend as part of the Choose series.
  • The big survey went out this week.
  • Working on sound system and projection improvements for the CLC.
  • Small Group sign-up month.
  • We’ll be offering a different wrinkle to Communion for the rest of this series.
  • A Bible Study Fellowship women’s pilot group will be using Five Oaks on Monday night for BSF.
  • Our parenting conference is coming soon: February 7.
  • Looking for a point person to lead the Five Oaks Summit team here at Five Oaks for August.
  • Student Ministries going sledding on Monday and gearing up for this summer’s Challenge conference in K.C.