Wednesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, photoWe already had a quarterly meeting set up for our Staff Leadership Team to review how we are doing on our goals for the ministry year, but the weekend results from the campaign added a sense of…I really don’t know how to describe it. We sense the momentum and the affirmation of the congregation—our congregation wants to be challenged and is committing and showed up. That makes us want to be better leaders. We have an even great sense of responsibility and mission. Our Staff Leadership Team knows we need to hold each other more accountable and spur each other on to do everything possible through him who makes everything possible. And all that made our daylong offsite one of the best and most productive meetings we’ve ever had. Way to go church. Way to go team.

Here's the sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: "FOR [ God ] – God’s Glory, Our Glory (John 3:16):


  1. For six weeks we’ve gone back to the why. Why? For God so loved, and God’s love compels us to love the world he so loves.
  2. The capital campaign has been about reaffirming our commitment to this mission of reconciliation.
  3. After 10 years one of our members decided to move from attending to being the church. That’s what the campaign is about.
  4. Pastor Kalil (Jordan), International GLS Video: “Don’t look at the opposition. Look at the opportunities.”
  5. That was a $10K email.
  6. You should be in agreement on what you will give if you are married.
  7. Get some skin in the game.
  8. If you’re not a giver, start now. Pick a number. Don’t wait to hear a voice from God.
  9. You have won the lottery. Now what?
  10. I’m not asking you to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

 Bonus Tweet: 98 Families…$1.2M…3/4 of the way to our goal…

 I love you and pray for you, Five Oakers!

Blessings, Pastor Henry