Thursday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, The weekend’s coming and there are a few things I don’t want you to miss:



The book of Exodus offers a deeply biblical approach to recovery from the sins that derail our lives, the struggles that dog our lives, and the scars that define our lives. The new series starting this weekend focuses on the constant temptation to flee the freedom to do what’s healthy and head back to the bondage of doing what’s harmful. Cut and paste this description and the series and graphic and send it to someone you’d like to invite. Or, at the very least, go to my Facebook page and “like” my description of the series I posted today at about 11am. I think this will be a life-changing series. You won’t want to miss it and you won’t want your friends to miss it.

And before you come for the weekend, be sure you prepare to #ShowUpReady.


coffee shop frinedships

// For those who are tempted to flee the church or know someone who has, there’s Replacing Sunday Mornings: Where we went when we stopped going to church…and why we came back.

// Fantastic, gospel-centered discussion of modesty by Tim Challies, “Modesty Matters: The Heart of Modesty.”

// And don't miss this. This one is huge. Get the ESV Bible with all the Notes online FREE this month only at Crossway.


Here’s the video that was playing last weekend on the new TV monitor as you first walk into the Commons. Some great footage from then and now.

Blessings to you all, Pastor Henry