The Vital Importance of Advance Commitments

Hi Five Oakers,

One crucial feature of the FOR [   ] campaign is the collection of Advance Commitments. These are not advance gifts but the earliest commitments letting us know what someone hopes to give toward the campaign over the next three years. 

There's a biblical precedent for this and you find it 1 Chronicles 29. David collected first from the leaders when he raised funds for the temple, then he announced their gifts to the rest of the people. The lead gifts encouraged the rest of the people.

Would you be willing to encourage others by making an advance commitment? (The total from the advance commitments will be shared on the day we hand out commitment cards to the entire congregation.)

Here's how you can make an advance commitment. Let me know you would like to, and someone will sit down with you, explain the details of the campaign and leave a commitment card with you. That's it. They will not collect the card or sell you anything. Information and some inspiration. That's it. You will send in the card. You can make a big difference by making an advance commitment.

Some of you have been invited to attend home visit training. I hope this helps you understand why it's important. Will you please RSVP and attend the training on Sunday? If you choose to do some home visits, you will simply sit with someone you know, share information and leave a commitment card. That's it.

Some of you wll be contacted for a home visit by someone you know to share information about the campaign and leave a card. That's it. When asked, please say yes. We're asking to meet with you because you are already invested in this ministry.

The FOR [    ] campaign starts this weekend! I really can't wait. See you on the weekend.


Pastor Henry