Wednesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

If you missed the campaign video, here it is. The campaign starts this weekend. We’re launching it because an estimated 20,000 people are moving in within a five-minute drive of our church campus. The campaign is about being ready for them. But, more importantly, it’s about engaging our hearts in our mission. It’s called the FOR [  ] campaign and this video is what it’s all about.

Here's the sermon Tim preached last weekend in 10 tweets: "Teaching the Heart," Titus 2:11-14.

  1. How do we help our kids not just do the right things, but want the right things?  How do we help them have a heart for God?
  2. In Titus 2:11, the grace of God 1) brings salvation, and 2) trains us.
  3. A heart for God must be trained by the grace of God.
  4. Our kids need to experience God's grace through us as we teach them.  Not just in John 3:16, but in the 10 Commandments and David/Goliath as well.
  5. We're born legalists, from NHL players to kids lining up at school. Our hearts don't respond to the law, but to grace.
  6. Our kids need to experience God's grace from us in how we relate to them.
  7. Scolding, embarrassing, scaring, or bribing work for a while, but they're the opposite of what Paul is saying trains the heart.
  8. Our kids need to experience God's grace at work in us.
  9. I don't always know how to practice what I'm preaching. But I don't have to be the expert. God's power is made perfect in my weakness.
  10. You can't lead a kid to a place you haven't been. The first step in showing grace to our kids is accepting God's grace in our own lives.

Looking forward to seeing you on the weekend!

Blessings, Pastor Henry