Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

Happy Monday! Vikings won and the Packers didn’t lose, so we can all be happy. Yes, there are bigger and better reasons to be happy, but for us football fans, it’s a lot like people feel when you get a sunny day after a long run of cloudy ones.

I'm very excited about the launch of our campaign series. It really is, ultimately, about re-engaging or re-committing our hears to the mission of reconciliation.

If you missed the sermon this weekend, go here to listen to the message (get it on iTunes) or here to watch. You can print out the small group study here and complete it before attending your small group. You can also pick up the daily devotional at the church office between 9am and 3pm Monday through Thursday.

Here's the faith story from the weekend. Thank you, Dave and Alex!

[FOR] - Dave and Alex Geng from Five Oaks on Vimeo.

Here are most of your comments, observations and questions from the weekend Communication Cards.

  • Great faith stories! Powerful message of a powerful Lord. [So thankful for how God has worked in their family. They were happy to be at the Men’s Retreat this weekend. It’s nerve-racking to watch yourself on video talking about your own life.]
  • Pastor Henry, thanks for setting the stage in us for God’s mission.
  • Amazing faith story!
  • Love “deciders” vs. “Disciples”. [It's not original with me, but it's so true!]
  • “Come to Me” – beautiful worship!
  • Great message Henry! Great job Libby, Kara and Worship Team. [Yes, thank you worship team!]
  • Bless you, Geng family! Reinforced how much I love my church! 
  • Did you know Tim looks like that guy from SNL?! [Yep. Seth Meyers.] 


  • Wow, what a fabulous message, very excited for this series. Thank you.
  • Group Life (or church) also needs to have fellowship. Fun things to do as a family and with spouse. More than just study. [Here's a full answer for anyone who has the same question: We have loads of fun together as a church through our small groups. Still some people like yourself wish we did more all-church fun times for families or couples. There are a few reasons we don’t do more. For one, our small groups are so good at this that we don’t get big turnouts when we do. A big turnout isn’t everything, but it’s important when a staff member leads something like this (or oversees volunteers who lead it). They all have more responsibilities on their shoulders than they can actually do in any given week. So a social event needs to have a very strategic purpose. Second, all-church events need to have big appeal (that means they take a lot of time and energy) because most people are too busy to show up for simple potlucks these days, especially with a lot of people they don’t know (unlike small groups where they are doing life together). So, for example, we offer the winter Coffee House night because we think it’s a good thing in the middle of winter as an in-reach event. On the other hand, it has lost money over the last couple of years so we have to reevaluate it. All that said, just because a staff member can’t do it doesn’t mean one of our members can’t organize a social event and then get the word out. It will require several things: (1) Reserving space ahead of time; (2) getting the word out (you may be limited to personal invitations and social media since not all announcements make the cut to be put in the worship program); and (3) paying for an event coordinator if special equipment is needed or the event happens on an evening when the building is not already open (otherwise it’s free). We have a paid event coordinator for groups that want to use the building because staff members don’t have the time to come back in the evening, and we don’t want to burn out volunteers. Of course, an event doesn't have to be held at the church campus. Hope that helps. Email me if you have other questions about this. Thanks for asking.]

Thanks for all your comments and questions


Pastor Henry