The Meal

Five Oakers, if you missed this last weekend’s message, I’d love for you to listen online. If you were there, here’s a quick hit list of some of the items I mentioned under the meal, the presentation and the invitation.

The Meal

Most of these are items we've already completed:

  • More Bible teaching in the sermons.
  • Preaching through books of the Bible.
  • Daily version of Group Life.
  • 8-week spiritual boot camp: Story of God
  • Story of God themed series each year
  • Tru curriculum for kids
  • Prayer and Scripture saturated services
  • Worship structured around the gospel story
  • Stations that provide a variety of ways to worship
  • Clear path for discipleship: Connect, Deepen, Impact
  • Clear path for connection: 10-Minute Connect, Discovery, Story of God

The Presentation

  • 10-Minute Connect
  • Worship Guide
  • New FYI Sheets (coming this month)
  • Children’s Wing Tree House theme and paint face lift (coming this month)
  • New concrete entrance and parking lot resurfacing
  • CLC changes for learning environment (Campaign)
  • Commons kiosks (Campaign)
  • Walls that tell our Impact story (Campaign)

The Invitation

  • New website (coming this month)
  • New road sign (by October)
  • Long-term connection strategy for new move-ins (by January)
  • Story of God as outreach tool (September)
  • “To Raise a Family” Series (September)
  • Praying Colossians 4:4 for Henry (August, September)
  • Inviting someone to the series or the Story of God (August, September)