Worship Leader Search Completed!

Here's an email message we sent to our church family earlier today.

Dear Five Oaks Family,

I’m very happy to inform you that we have completed the search for a worship leader! The result is different than we expected when we first set out, but we are confident God is leading us in this direction. It will be a good fit for Five Oaks, and I am excited to see it unfold.

First, we have decided to move forward with a Worship Leader team approach. Joining our team is Jeremy Sanoski. As you may remember, Jeremy led worship three weekends ago and in February. Or you may remember him from this year’s Coffee House. He will begin his new role at Five Oaks starting in September and will lead worship approximately half of the weekends throughout the year. Jeremy loves what we are doing at Five Oaks and is eager to help us accomplish our mission through our worship services. In addition to his service at Five Oaks, Jeremy already has an active music ministry in the Twin Cities and on a national stage with Go Fish.

Second, Dan Lukas will move to the front lines of our worship ministry, leading our worship band members and vocalists and leading worship approximately half of the weekends. Dan will continue to serve on our staff executive team and as the overall director of the Worship Arts staff and ministry, as he has since the fall of 2011.

Third, we are on a search for a Fusion worship leader who will not only lead the high school band but will also disciple and develop the students who serve on that team. This will be a paid, part-time position and we appreciate any leads you can send us.

Lastly, I want to offer special thanks to the folks who served on our search team for their time, the intensity of their prayers, their love for the church and the feedback they gave us as we pondered this decision. Thanks also to all of you who joined us in prayer during this search.

There’s a lot more I could say, but I’ll give you a chance to ask your questions and address the more frequent ones on my blog. So email me your comments or questions.


Pastor Henry