Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

There are several things I want to share with you today.

#1 – Our staff leadership team just came back from three days of planning for our next ministry year beginning in September. My favorite things from our retreat:

  • An extended time of prayer thanking God for what he has done over the last three years as we’ve been working on what we call the Transformation Agenda.
  • Just being together. I think we all enjoy each other’s company a lot.
  • Playing Catan every evening and making fun of the non-Cataners as they played cards without keeping score. Playing cards is great, but not keeping score?
  • Getting Jerry to play his first game of Catan and watching him win big and get hooked.Beginners luck, Jerry.
  • Having some vigorous, passionate discussions and knowing we’re still friends.

#2 – I’m so thankful for MN Adult and Teen Challenge.Transformed lives!

#3 – Seemed like about half of the folks at Teen Challenge need mentors, judging by the hands I saw go up on Saturday evening. Here’s information about mentoring.

#4 – Here’s the powerful story of Five Oakers Dan and Heather Hanson from Fox 9. Don't miss this! And pass it on to others. (If you get this via email, you may need to go to my blog site to see the video. Click on the title above.)


#5 – Here are your comments/questions from the Communication Cards:

  • Thank you for today’s service. Our son is a graduate of Teen Challenge and is doing great. It’s a wonderful faith based program, the only one that worked.
  • Wow. Can’t tell you how much it means to me to be here, witnessing Teen Challenge. God saved me from my addictions. This hit so close to home. Thank you.
  • Thank you for having MN Adult and Teen Challenge here today. So powerful. I never grow tired of hearing God’s story of redemption in the lives of others.
  • God Bless MN Adult & Teen Challenge. 
  • Thank you for this impactful day! May God bless MNTC!  
  • Does Teen Challenge use drama as therapy or for performances? Curious. [I don’t know. Check it out online.]
  • Thank you, MN Adult & Teen Challenge. 
  • Inspiring stories – God has custom made their missions to impact others. 
  • Awesome – real moving! 
  • Thank you to the men of Teen Challenge for being so free to share the love of the Lord to us today. (We are free at last) because of Christ.  [This is from a Saturday night attendee. I think it was all men or, at least, all men who shared.]
  • Thank you to all the people who came today – it takes great courage to stand up in front of a group of people and showcase your sins and shortcomings! This is such a great example of how powerful God’s love and strength is. When we come before him and accept his grace, we can withstand anything this world places in our path!
  • Great event! Thanks for reminding us how challenging life can be – and that all things are possible with Christ! 
  • Very moving hearing the testimonies from the people from Adult and Teen Challenge. Jesus can and will help us to overcome! Amen! 
  • Thank you for bringing MNTC! Awesome. 
  • Wow! Thank you Henry for this – it was amazing! 
  • Darn you guys, no Kleenex…thanks for the special heartwarming service.

#6 – This week’s message takes an interesting approach on what it means to share your faith with others, as we continue our Mission of God series. All I can say is it has something to do with a wardrobe.

Blessings, Pastor Henry