Prayers for Impact

I love praying through the requests you share on your Communication Cards each week. As I was praying today I noticed how many prayers were for Impact--evangelism, compassion and missions. Here are a few:

  • Three family members are going on a short-term missions trip with a college group of athletes.
  • The need for someone to lead GriefShare with kids.
  • The desire to be a strong witness for Christ.
  • The desire to be faithful in leading people to Christ is a prison ministry.

If you were at the Leadership Summit last summer you heard a very moving faith story by Carly Fiorina. It's seven minutes long. If you have more time, the story is followed by an interview with Bill Hybels regarding how to effectively coach influential leaders in their faith journey. The interview part is not from the Summit. It's from the monthly leadership podcast called Defining Moments put out by the Willow Creek Association.