Wednesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

There are several things I want to share with you today.

#1 – Get a recap of the service with highlights of our prayers, readings and songs here.

#2 – Loved the service of repentance this morning. Simple and simply beautiful time with God. Thanks to Nathan Stocker and Dan Lukas for leading us. Now looking forward to Encounter. Great day focused on launching the season of Lent in a new way for us at Five Oaks.

#3 – Here are your comments from the Communication Cards:

  • Beautiful solo on the “You Are Faithful” song. Wonderful job on the first solo, also.
  • Thanks for the worship set. Welcome back Ashley! Henry, terrific, paced, set-up to the message today and prayer to ready us for God’s word. Darn you Henry, beautiful message and closing story. I’m a grown man and it made me cry. We have hope!!! Fantastic closing worship set!
  • Amazing music this week!
  • God is faithful, even when I am not. Praise God!
  • The opening song was fantastic. What is the title? 
  • Thank you for telling that story, it made me cry! We know boys without much hope, we try to serve them in our home. God bless! 
  • Really enjoyed “Never Walk Alone” solo. What a blessing to me this morning and to everyone else in attendance. Thank you.
  • This service restores my hope! I so needed this today! 
  • Loved Ashley’s passion while worship time, very inspirational, worship was awesome! So glad I’m a true Minnesotan and braved the weather, it was a great sermon and beautiful story.
  • Beautiful job Ashley; could feel your awe of God! Welcome back. [Unfortunately for us (and especially for her family) she’s back to Australia at the end of the week.]
  • Thank you for the Spirit led setting for a wonderful start to worship, (Opening songs, the reading and quiet time.) followed by a message encouraged me to go to God for – forgiveness, love, hope and a challenge to live for Him. 
  • Thank you for letting Ash be part of the worship team this weekend. It will be helpful sending her back – being able to see she is learning! So thanks.
  • Sound with feedback/reverb or whatever to loud is during sermon today – usually always for music. 
  • Thank you for this message about hope today. I was losing hope in the hardship I have been dealt. 

#4 – Here’s the sermon in 10 tweets, Luke 22:1-6, 24-30, “Up Close and Impersonal”:

  1. We sin at the most inappropriate times.
  2. You can be really up close to God without really loving God.
  3. Judas betrayed the location where the leaders could find Jesus when he was away from the crowd.
  4. "Judas the Scariest." Chosen as a disciple, mentored for 3 years by Jesus, performed miracles, saw Christ's miracles, and still...
  5. What motivated Judas? Greed. And Satan capitalized on it. That’s all the Bible gives us, but it's sufficient explanation for most sins.
  6. Failure isn’t final, except when it is.
  7. Someone has said “the hand of him who betrayed Jesus has 12 names.” But actually it has many more…
  8. Even your epic failure isn’t final until you die apart from God or your heart is permanently hardened to God.
  9. Faithfulness is marked by humility, hardship and hope.
  10. Stanley: “What do you do when it dawns on you that you’re the most powerful person in the room?”

#5 – Here’s a link to the ESPN magazine story.

This weekend we look at Peter's denial. I love the direction this message is going as I prepare it.

God bless you, Pastor Henry