First-time Guest Comments

Here are the latest comments we received from the cards we send first-time guests:


  • LOVE the music and theater-style atmosphere!! Great, welcoming place. My only suggestion for improvement/comment – the time frame/length. I assumed it would be an hour or so, and was surprised when I was still there 1 hour and 15 minutes later. Is there a typical service length? If so, how long?

If whomever sent this response is reading this, our services run between 70 and 75 minutes. They don't last that long for lack of planning. We plan every minute. But we realize that's not for everybody. I certainly hope you find it to be valuable and packed with elements that help you grow in a relationship with God. If not, email me and I'll suggest a very good church in the area that gets it done in an hour. 


  • I felt the Holy Spirit moving in Five Oaks. My only thought for creating a more welcoming atmosphere would be to add a couple “old time” hymns to the service.