Five Oaks "Survival" Manual - Where to Sit

Yes, at Five Oaks we tell you where to sit.

Where should you sit? Where you normally sit. Sit in the same general area every week. (See the one exception to the rule below.)

Why? Because if everyone sits in the same general area every week, you'll be able to identify a guest.

Yeah, sometimes you'll ask a charter member if they're new (they might be coming to a service they don't normally attend), but the vast majority of the time you'll be right. Besides, there aren't that many charter members around. And those that are won't be offended if you think they're new.

But just imagine what kind of an impact you'll have on someones spiritual life if you help them feel welcome. The trajectory of some people's eternal life has been impacted by a genuine welcome. I'm not exaggerating. This can make a huge difference in someones life.

I know, this is hard to do--to sit in the same place. But try it. (Yes, I am kidding. I know you'll do this anyway. I just want you to look around every week for someone new.)

Exception to the Rule: At Hudson, we could use a few more people sitting in the front section and starting a new sitting tradition. After you move to the front section, you can start following this rule. :-)