Mother's Day Photo Bloopers

Here are some the "bloopers" and fun shots we showed in our services last week from the Mother's Day photos. These pictures were really awesome. I hope to create a sense of regret in anyone that missed out so that you don't make the same mistake twice.

Thank you to all the volunteers who devoted hours to this, especially Davin Dong who trained our photographers and did most of the editing. Thanks also go out to David Gafford who organized the whole event and did a lot of the heavy lifting to pull it off. 

The "Witness Protection Family" Portrait


The "Sorry Girls He's Taken" Portrait


The "I've been taking so many pictures I've gone wacky" Portrait


The "Perpetual Motion" Portrait


The "We're sick and tired of him ruining every family portrait" Portrait


The "Empty Nesters In Love" Portrait