Survey Results (Part 2)

The Question: After Easter, I'm doing a series on "The Story of Jesus" based on the Gospel of Mark. Tell me what you would prefer: an 8-week series that hits eight or so big points in the story of Jesus or a 15-20 week series that deals with more passages in the book?

Yesterday posted the 8-week votes and comments. Today...

15-20 Week Series

  • 15 to 20 week series
  • My vote is 15 - 20 weeks that deal with more passages
  • I vote for 20 weeks ~ if not 52! To be totally honest with you, when we were going through this past Story of God series, I was in tears while I listened to Tim tell the story portion about Jesus.  I sat and felt so overwhelmed that it was moving so quickly and my heart, soul, and mind wanted to linger.... I am so excited to focus on Jesus!!!!  Thanks so much for all you do!  You are such a huge blessing in our lives :) We are praying for you!
  • longer series.
  • I'd prefer the 15-20 week series on Mark for myself, but the main reason I'd prefer it is because my [relative] (who is a new believer and has been attending our church) has said that she is very hungry for the word and wants all the details she can get about the books of the Bible. She said that having grown up in a church that [didn't teach the Bible] she learned only very basic information about the Bible and very little details or background information.  It is interesting that you are going to be preaching out of Mark because we have been doing Bible study together and she mentioned that one book she'd like to do a study on is the Gospel of Mark.
  • I vote for the 15-20 week series as long as each message can stand alone without being completely dependent on the prior message. I'm thinking of new people visiting our church and there will be some people who miss a message or two during that span
  • I would prefer the more in depth study. Thanks for asking.
  • Given that the 15-20 week option would cover summer, when weekend travel is frequent, I vote for that one. You miss more than one or two of an 8-week, you miss too much, but spread over twice that it's easier to feel like you're staying connected. And I like longer, in-depth studies. Plus, compared to Mark Driscoll's current track of 2-3 years for Luke, 15-20 weeks is nothing!
  • I would have to say 15-20 week, because I really enjoyed The Story of God, but felt still some was missed because it went to fast. I am actualy hoping we can revisit The Story of God to go deeper into the last part.
  • Whichever has more depth coupled with the most scripture. Sounds like the longer one? 
  • I could go either way -- I see advantages for both, but perhaps I lean to the 15 weeks. In any case, I imagine that you would have an "Intro" Sermon and a "Wrap-up" Sermon that sets the stage and then wraps
  • I prefer the 15-20 week option, but I prefer in depth studies.