Survey Results (Part 1)

Thanks for the responses in email, blog comments and Facebook. You've given me a lot to think about. Hopefully, reading each other's comments will give you something to think about too. Today I'm listing all the votes for 8-weeks. I'll cover the other votes in the next two posts.

The Question: After Easter, I'm doing a series on "The Story of Jesus" based on the Gospel of Mark. Tell me what you would prefer: an 8-week series that hits eight or so big points in the story of Jesus or a 15-20 week series that deals with more passages in the book?

Eight Week Series

  • Eight week
  • I would prefer an 8 week series :)  But either will be good!
  • I prefer an 8-week series after Easter and something lighter in the summer! :-) Thanks for asking.
  • I vote for 8 weeks, most people’s attention spans can’t handle 15-20 weeks
  • Tough question, Henry…I think for me I would prefer an 8 week series…
  • 8 week series....
  • 8 weeks. Better for my friends who are new to Five Oaks and new to faith.
  • My vote is an 8 week series.
  • my vote: 8 week series hitting the big points
  • 8 week that deals with the highpoints.
  • I like 8 weeks.
  • I would prefer an 8 week series - I like the indepth studies but a change is good after about that long. Just mho.
  • I'm torn.......... [2 hours later on Facebook] Ok I thought it. Personally I'd love 15-20 weeks but I think that long makes it harder for us to invite people that are interested in finding a church. My vote is 8.
  • Eight.....will finish out school year and then you can start a fresh one for summer