Survey Results (Part 3)

The Question: After Easter, I'm doing a series on "The Story of Jesus" based on the Gospel of Mark. Tell me what you would prefer: an 8-week series that hits eight or so big points in the story of Jesus or a 15-20 week series that deals with more passages in the book?

Last two days I posted the 8-week and 15-20 week votes and comments. Today...


  • Before I answer your question about a 8 week series or a 15-20 week series, some questions for you are: (1) Because of the summer travel schedule of people what is more beneficial: to keep something consistent for them for the entire summer and into the fall or to have something new for them to get in on ½ way through the summer? (2) Do you feel there are enough topics to break down Mark into 15-20 messages?  I’m sure there are, but for our style of church I want to make sure you would feel comfortable with planning that many. With these things in mind, I can’t decide.  I just wanted to give you my thoughts.  I hope these q’s are helpful.
  • Eight week series. Save 15-20 for Five Oaks U or the forthcoming study guide... or..... Break it into two 8-week parts with a break "to do something completely different" in between. My 10 seconds is up so I'm outta here.....
  • I'm just a visitor, could you wrap it up in two!?!